Want to make your company more attractive? Here’s how…

Graphic design can sometimes be really intimidating for anyone who has just started a new company or needs a redesign.  The old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is somewhat true when it comes to a company brand. There is a lot of pressure to get your brand perfect as it visually influences your customers, potential customers, and potentially influences them to do business with you again.

Graphic Design

By investing in quality graphic design either by hiring a freelancer graphic designer or launching a design contest at BuzzWorker will be an efficient, effective and impactful way of making your brand work and getting an edge on your competitors. However, if working with freelance graphic designers is not handled correctly, then it can be full of miscommunication and a finished project that doesn’t fit with the rest of your brand.

This is why we’ve compiled a few basic tips and pieces of advice which will guarantee to make your logo design, website design, business card or any other form of branding to be successful.

Identify Your Needs.

If you’ve written a marketing plan and already know your company needs, awesome! This will help a great deal. However, if you haven’t, don’t worry. You can simply create a list of marketing needs. For example a logo design, website, business cards, etc…

Define exactly what you need and how much you can spend on those needs. BuzzWorker is perfect for getting quality design on a strict budget because BuzzWorker allows for you to choose the contest prize you want to pay, and you know that designers will create designs for that price — so there’s no going over budget!

What to plan before getting your new design

1. Timing

It is important for designers to understand when you expect to see their first drafts and when you expect to have the final design delivered. The average design contest at BuzzWorker is just 7 days, from launching the design contest to receiving your new design. This fast turnaround is highly desirable for most companies.

2. Fine details

The designer will want to know specific details such as where the design will be used (Social networking, online, print etc.), dimensions or sizing for the final deliverables and file format you expect. Provide as much detail and if possible examples to the designer to help him or her understand what you expect the final design to look like.

3. Existing assets

It usually is important to include any assets which you may have which could help contribute to the final product. For example if you require a logo design, you may want to include previous logos versions, or if you need a website design, it may be a good idea to include your website domain or previous website designs.

Often, it’s helpful to the designer to include anything which will indicate what works and doesn’t work for your brand.

Design Review

Make it clear to the designers that you respect their work, time and opinion and make sure you create constructive comments throughout the process. Providing feedback on each design concept will ensures the designer is going in the right direction.

Once the project ends and you end up with your new beautifully branded design, take time to thank him or her for their hard work and perhaps give them a testimonial to help him or her get additional work from other customers later on.  Further reach out to the designer by allowing him or her to use the final product in their design portfolio to increase the chances of attracting more project.

Overall, if you produce simple instructions, provide clean and effective feedback, and treats all the designers as partners in your project then the overall outcome will be a success. Everyone will come out a winner. The designer will thank you, and your customer’s first impressions of your beautifully designed brand will lead to great success.

2 thoughts on “Want to make your company more attractive? Here’s how…”

  1. Used Buzzworker to re-design my logo to get noticed.
    I was very impressed with the professionalism of the company and the dedication of all of the designers that worked on creating multiple of different logo designs for me to choose from.
    I will definitely return for any future design ideas and would recommend Buzzworker to others.
    Many thanks.

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